Inspire Conference


The theme for the 2015 Inspire Youth Conference is "Born Identity." Every other year our theme goes back and forth between the Old Testament to the New Testament. This years theme will get real personal. The main focus of our worship, classes, and devotionals will be our part in God's plan. 

Inspire Classes

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

The classes at Inspire are interactive and spirit-filled. The main focus of our classes is that there is an impactful takeaway from each class that is offered. First the inspire class is meant to do that very thing...Inspire! We want you to leave this class with a better understanding of what God through the Bible can share. Second, the Interact Class is more of an object lesson that helps us see and use things in our everyday life to point our attention towards living for Christ. 

  The Inspire Youth Conference Board of Directors works under the oversight of the Sycamore Church of Christ. The Board is made up of eight men who serve the Lord's Church in different ways. They work diligently throughout the year to prepare all who attends for a great action-packed week of growth, edification, and fun!